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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Big peacock

This a large peacock I made with real colors. And it came out wonderful as shown.

Thank you for watching.

:) :)

colorful 3d origami

 For these 2 creations I used many color and it came out a wonderful creations.

This swan is colorful with multi colors
For this basket I used many colors as I can. And it is amazing with these colors.

have fun

:) :)

3d origami animals

 Here you can see 3d origami rabbit and a hello kitty. You can add different colors to their cloths.
 Another swan couple. For this couple I used black and cream colors. It made them perfect.
Hen and a baby chicken. They look adorable together. You can make more chickens to get attractive.

:) :)

3d origami peacock

 These are 2 types of peacocks you can make.
This is a stick tail peacock and I used green as a main color.
This is a round tail peacock and I used white with orange. You can make with any color and it;ll be beautiful with any color.

:) :)

3d origami fruits and animals

 There are fruits in here. A pineapple, Strawberries, a watermelon piece and a peach. You can put these in a basket.
This is a tiger. He's in winnie the pooh series.

 Swan wall hanger. You can hang this in your wall.
Pink swan heart basket.
#love #heart #swan
Swans represents lovely couple. And you can gift this for a wedding.

Thank you for watching these.... :) :)

3D Origami flower vase

This is a 3d origami flower vase. There are Tulips, daisies and a blue flower.

For this vase I used orange and purple for a grand look.

3 vases I made in 3 designs. Hope you like these.

Have fun... :) :)

3D origami designs

 These are few of my 3d origami creations.
This is a heart basket with colors Orange and white.
Heart Basket

 These are 3 baskets I made. Front basket made by remaining pieces of all color. It's called flower basket.

And the orange basket in the right side can be use as basket and a hat.

 This one is a big basket.

Hope you enjoy these baskets... There's more to come... ;) ;) :) :)