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Monday, October 31, 2011

new parchments

 I made these two cards using parchment tools which Mrs.Agnes sent me.

It was very easy to make these with those tools.

I hope you enjoy these.......

Have Fun

Parchment Crafts

When I made these parchment crafts I didn't have any parchment tool as I cannot buy those tools in Sri Lanka.So I used an ink-less pen for embossing & a pin as a Perforating tool.

I uploaded some photos of my crafts ti a website & a kind lady named Agnes Verkroost from Australia promised me to sent parchment crafts & some other stuff which useful for make crafts as I cannot buy them in Sri Lanka.

She sent me 4 parchment embossing tools & 3 perforation tools with some design books for parchment crafts as she likes it very much.

So these are some parchment crafts I made before she sent me those tools.