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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet Pergamano

Here are some of my pergamano cards.
This one I made for Wesak Day or Lord Buddha's Day.
But I didn't add a sentiment as "Happy Wesak" or something related to Wesak but added Joy & peace as Lotus flowers are perfect for that sentiment.
I did a small cutwork in 4 corners.
And small embossing for the border.

 And this one I made for a challenge in Face Book.Actually it was a Easter Challenge but I made this as a spring card.
Drew the flowers in yellow & purple & small embossing for it.
For the gate added small cutwork with embossing.
And 2 butterflies too.
Added a small shading from the outside.

About this one,as you can see it's a stained glass type.
Just drew the pattern with stained glass design & added small embossing for the flowers,leaved & the pot.
The colors came out perfect too.

This is one of my favorites and I think it's very calming card.
 I made it for a shape.
There's cutting in the bottom part of the card.
Embossed the swan & drew flowers & leaves.

For this one added a rainbow colors to the under of the card to see trough the cutting piece,the middle.

Embossed flowers went perfect.

These are my pergamano creations & hope you will enjoy them....

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